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Mule Buzz Cut

Minimalist in the streets. Create the
buzz you want.

Patron Cut & Style

Boss enough to let them know without
saying a thing. Everything is about business…

Black Mask Peel

Activate real manhood,
activate smooth skin.

Ear / Nose Wax

The most successful pull out method.
Get rid of what you don’t want.

Moustache Shape & Trim

A mustache exudes manliness, reserved for those who can rock the look with confidence.


Elevate standards with masterful precision, showcasing your best features with a refined brow.

Beard Sculpting

Be Michaelangelo to your beard. Don’t grow and go, it’s an art. Become the masterpiece.

Junior Cartel

No school like the new school.
Style his future.

Head Shave

A blade is just a blade but how
close are you willing to get?

Hot Towel Shave

A blade is just a blade but how
close are you willing to get?

Custom Head Art

The cut that knows you. Let your hair
be the Tinder bio.

Satisfy Customers
Amazing Artists
Awsome Awards
Years of Experience

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Complimentary Beverage

All the Medellin Barbershops offer a complimentary Whiskey, coffee or water. Additional beverages such as beer or wine are on a store by store case.